Our Team

Path Company, LLC is comprised of professional engineers, energy engineers and business experts to bring your project the expertise needed to optimize energy, water and/or operation efficiencies.


Russ Phillips, PE

Co-Founder and Principal

Russ Phillips is an experienced mechanical engineer for both new construction and performance contracting projects. Russ has led numerous complex energy-based projects in the private sector as well as guaranteed energy savings projects with public sector clients. He has significant expertise working with executive-level and facility director-level decision-makers, providing energy and utility base strategies that create impactful building asset improvements. Russ’ goal is to help find the best solutions for his clients that will produce the maximum energy savings possible.


Nathan Wells

Co-Founder and Principal

Nathan Wells is an experienced small business owner and has a deep understanding of government.  Recently he served as chief of staff to Speaker of the House Philip Gunn (Mississippi).  Through that experience he has a better understanding of the needs and limits of governments at all levels.  His background in the restaurant and marketing industry gives him a unique customer service perspective that is valuable in an industry like energy efficiency and performance contracting.  “Whether it is the private or public sector, the opportunity for a business, city, or county to save is tremendous.  We want to create a program that achieves maximum savings.”


Marcus Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Marcus Lewis has a broad background of experience in public finance, business operations, process engineering and private wealth management.  Over the past 20+ years he has provided fiduciary oversight and advisory services to state and local governments, high net worth individuals, multi-generational families, foundations, endowments and retirement plans.  Marcus specializes in the organization and execution of efficient business practices and also works with several non-profit organizations to enhance their operational ability to achieve their mission.


Rudy Watkins

Vice President – Business Development

Rudy Watkins, a 2016 graduate of Mississippi College School of Law, is a licensed attorney in the state of Tennessee with recent business management experience within a Fortune 300 company.  He also has a foundational understanding of state and local government operations from his clerkships while in law school. Rudy’s relationship-focused business philosophy can take energy savings opportunities and turn them into client-focused realities.


Alan Watts

Vice President – Engineering

Alan Watts has a background in mechanical systems design working on both public and private sector design projects. With this experience, he has a deep understanding of HVAC systems and controls as well as the construction process. Alan’s technical expertise helps facilitate attainable energy savings from project proposal to construction completion.


William Franklin

Vice President – Business Development

William Franklin’s background in banking and financial services provides our customers with an owner-oriented focus on the solutions Path provides.  In his previous role at a large regional bank, William worked alongside business owners and executives as they navigated the decision-making processes that shaped their respective organizations.  As graduate of the University of Arkansas’ Walton College of Business, William’s knowledge of accounting, finance, and economics allows him to think creatively with our customers while considering both the short and long-term effects of the projects we implement.  William’s passion for solving complex problems and his steadfast commitment to providing the highest level of service are evident in each and every relationship he builds.


Austin Terry

Vice President – Engineering

Austin Terry has a background in the commercial/industrial HVAC service industry, with experience in mechanical systems design and application. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University in 2016. In a previous role at a large HVAC manufacturer, Austin facilitated equipment and controls solutions for public and private sector clients, supporting projects from design through implementation. Austin’s practical approach helps our clients develop realistic goals for attainable, energy efficient facility improvements.

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