LED Commercial Lighting

LED Commercial Lighting reduces an existing lighting system’s energy use by 50%-60%. New LED fixtures eliminate existing ballast (a common point of failure with legacy lighting systems) and instead provide power through a driver. The highly-efficient, solid-state technology allows today’s incandescent bulbs and ballasts to be replaced with lower wattage LED fixtures while also provided improved lighting outputs and overall consistency. PATH utilizes only the most reputable equipment from major manufacturers that are accompanied by warranties of at least 10 years. Significant aesthetic improvements accompany the energy-saving benefits of these lighting systems, with the most dramatic results being seen in office spaces, classroom settings, and parking lots/garages. When paired with the proper lighting controls, additional savings can be realized in excess of those stated above.

Benefits of LED lighting:
  • Provides uniform light distribution
  • Easily adaptable for additional energy savings (dimming)
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick to turn on with no warm up time