Energy Project & Courthouse Renovation


With the oldest continuously-used courthouse in the state (Tate County) experiencing envelope issues and needing major HVAC repairs/replacement, the county's Board of Supervisors & Administrator needed a unique way for the county to tackle the aforementioned issues at the courthouse. The county's leadership also desired a partner with expertise in not only government infrastructure but also with public finance packaging.


PATH delivered a project that included comprehensive upgrades to the county's lighting infrastructure as a foundation for energy savings. The energy efficient measures generated substantial savings for Tate County and created the opportunity to redesign/replace the entire HVAC system at the courthouse and eliminate future courthouse water intrusion issues (new gutter system and envelope repairs). Additionally, PATH facilitated the re-painting of the courthouse exterior to improve the overall aesthetics of this historic building that had experienced accelerated wear & tear.

Project Details

  • 14 buildings (including county jail & courthouse)
  • ~132,000 sq/ft of interior building space
List of Improvements
  • Comprehensive interior/exterior LED lighting upgrade
  • HVAC replacement/repairs (courthouse)
  • Flat roof and gutter replacement
  • Envelope upgrades & waterproofing (courthouse)

Financial Details

  • Tate County pre-project annual energy budget: $193,579
  • Annual post-project energy savings: $40,990
  • Annual post-project operational savings: $7,437
  • Additional CapEx project (Courthouse HVAC system replacement & envelope upgrades) achieved within annual budget!