Energy Project & Courthouse Renovation


Faced with the prospect of entering the summer without a fully-functional HVAC system in their courthouse, Weakley County, TN needed solutions that could be implemented quickly and effectively while limiting the financial burden on the County’s budget. Recurring problems (water leaks) with the existing system mandated a complete re-design of the Courthouse HVAC system - further complicating things from both a timing and cost perspective


PATH was able to design four different options for a new HVAC system which allowed County stakeholders the opportunity to choose the system that worked best for them. At the same time, PATH designed a county-wide energy project that included LED lighting, HVAC controls, HVAC retro commissioning, an d water-conservation measures. This energy project produced savings that would offset some of the costs of the Courthouse HVAC project. It should be noted that PATH was able to fully develop this project in just under 3 months from the first call to project approval.

Project Details

  • 6 buildings (including county jail & courthouse)
  • ~103,000 sq/ft of interior building space
List of Improvements
  • Comprehensive interior/exterior LED lighting upgrade
  • HVAC replacement (courthouse)
  • HVAC Retrocommission and Controls (all buildings)
  • LED Lighting (all buildings)
  • Water Conservation Measures (all buildings)

Financial Details

  • Weakley County pre-project annual energy budget: $192,250
  • Annual post-project energy savings: $42,340
  • Annual post-project operational savings: $19,427